Arizona’s highly respected, board-certified orthopedic surgeons at OrthoArizona – Arcadia (AOA) have now performed the Oxford Knee replacement for more than 300 patients and are encouraged by the results.

The Oxford Knee replacement operation focuses only on the problematic areas of the knee, and uses the only fully mobile partial knee replacement system available in the United States. 

“Many times, a patient suffering from knee pain does not need a total knee replacement,” said AOA orthopedic surgeon David M. Ott, M.D. “The Oxford Knee allows us to treat the area affected in a minimally invasive way and have the patient back on their feet in no time.”

This procedure is beneficial to patients because it is less painful overall, allows for a faster recovery and results in a more natural walking motion.

The Oxford system works, according to Ott, because it only replaces one side of the knee. By only addressing the damages or missing meniscus cartilage and replacing it with a free-floating bearing that replicate the purpose of the original tissues, 75 percent less bone is removed during surgery.

Sondra Stark, a Scottsdale resident who had Oxford Knee replacements on both of her knees, agrees. 

“I couldn’t have gone on the way I was,” Start said. “I’m an active lady. After these surgeries, I’m active once again.”

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