Hip Replacement Support Groups

Living with a hip replacement can sometimes mean coping with pain, mobility issues, and changes to your daily routine. This upheaval of pre-surgery life may be overwhelming; fortunately, support groups are available to connect you with people who are going through similar struggles post-replacement and can help you adjust. The following support groups can help:

Totally Hip

Online; www.totallyhip.org

Founded in 1996, this community offers information on different hip replacement procedures, tips for recovery, and access to medical reports and journals about various joint surgeries. The community boards provide a place for people to calm each other’s fears about going into surgery, boost morale, and share tips on how to go about your daily routine with your new artificial hip.

Hipster Club

Online; www.hipsterclub.com

Hipster Club is rife with testimonials from people of all ages who have undergone hip replacement surgery. Community members get online access to relevant, helpful information, like how to prepare for your operation, plan your post-op recovery, and decide what questions to ask your surgeon and doctor. Emotional support is also an integral part of the Hipster Club community; members exchange advice, support, and personal experience to provide a positive network of people with similar experiences.

Hips for You

Online; http://www.hipsforyou.com

Hips for You specializes in access to medical journals, articles, and videos about the logistics of hip replacement surgery, ensuring that you have all the information you need to have a productive dialogue with your surgeon before and after the operation. The website has information on all standard procedures, post-op recovery tips, and potential complications involved with the procedure, and discussion boards provide a place for patients to exchange testimonials and advice.

Bone Smart

Online; www.bonesmart.org

Bone Smart offers professional information and patient forums for those who have undergone joint replacements. The site specializes in knee and hip replacements alike, providing greater insight into the logistics of joint replacement surgery. Their hip replacement patient forum gives patients a platform to discuss their surgeries and recovery processes in detail and to provide support for other patients.