Hip PainThe surgeons at OrthoArizona – Arcadia, Arizona’s group of leading orthopedic surgeons, have been performing the minimally invasive, muscle-sparing anterior hip replacement surgery since 2007, a procedure that is favored over traditional hip replacements.

The anterior hip replacement utilizes a special OSI-Pro-FX, or HANA, table that aids orthopedic surgeons in positioning a patient’s leg so that the surgeons can replace the hip joint without cutting or damaging any muscle, which reduces recovery time and postoperative pain.

Patients walk the same day as the surgery and regain full mobility after 2-8 weeks, instead of the 2-4 months needed for the traditional procedure. Most patients are able to go home one or two days after the surgery.

Facts About Anterior Hip Replacements – Important Statistics About Anterior Hip Replacements

In addition to the anterior hip replacement procedure, there are other common hip problems that our orthopedic surgeons can discuss with you, including:

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