Woman Suffering From Elbow PainCommon Elbow Problems and Injuries

As one of the major joints in the body, the elbow is susceptible to many injuries, from broken bones to daily wear and tear. Many minor elbow-related injuries involve the major nerve in the elbow – the “funny bone” – that can cause numbness or tingling when injured. This sensation usually subsides on its own and isn’t serious.

Other minor elbow conditions can involve swelling, inflammation, or bruising due to mild injury, while serious injuries like broken bones and joint issues can cause pain and decreased range of motion. Most elbow issues are caused by direct injury, especially during sports, strenuous work, or other physical activities. Children are more likely to injure their elbows from physical injury due to their typically energetic and active lifestyles, while older people are more likely to encounter elbows problems due to the weakened muscles, tendons, and bones that accompany aging.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow occurs when repetitive motions damage the tendon that connects muscles in the forearm to the elbow. This injury is common in athletes and in people whose work require strenuous physical activity. Tennis elbow is easily treatable and normally goes away on its own.

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