Congratulations to Dr. Keith Jarbo, MD for being awarded the 2018 Citizenship and Community Service award from HonorHealth John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital!

The criteria:

Citizenship and Community Service: Honors practicing physicians who have made an outstanding contribution to the community in the form of citizenship and public service above and beyond the call of duty. Criteria also include engaging in the organization and/or mobilization of volunteers, groups and resources for projects benefiting a community on a local or international basis; demonstrating sustained commitment to meeting community needs; using unique and creative approaches to meeting community needs; developing and fostering the virtues and skills of civic engagement and social responsibility; thoroughly planning and implementing the program or project; and making an impact on the lives of those served by the project or program.

The nomination:

I would like to nominate Dr. Keith Jarbo for the Citizenship and Community Service award for his work with the community organization TOPS.  I have served with Dr. Jarbo for the past 2 years on the TOPS events and he is an excellent candidate for this award.   Dr. Jarbo is mainly affiliated with JCL but does operate out of Shea as well.  He is with Ortho Arizona- Arizona Orthopedic Associates.

Dr. Jarbo has served with TOPS (Team Of Physicians for Students) for the past two years.  The TOPS program works to promote the well-being of high school and college student athletes by providing FREE sports physicals screenings, with cardiac testing, to students participating in interscholastic athletics or associated activities.

Dr. Jarbo participates with a group of physicians (Steingard Medical Group and the HH Heart Group) and community volunteers to serve high school athletes in the Glendale Union School district as well as other Arizona school districts.   Monthly he participates in planning meetings and this year on April 7th he will spend all day Saturday overseeing medical students as they perform the physicals, provide physicals himself, and when the day is over he will provide guidance on positives and opportunity for changes for the program as well as see students in his private practice if the need was identified.

Last year’s event resulted in 1416 physicals provided and 13 different schools served from all over Arizona.  This event provides students with a comprehensive physical that under ordinary circumstance these families would not have access to or be able to afford.  Dr. Keith Jarbo puts his time and resources into the Sunny Slope community without hesitation and with full enthusiasm.  He actively recruits his partners as volunteers, he is instrumental in the planning and execution of the activity, he’s committed to the long term success of  TOPS, and every year through the physicals he touches many young lives and has a positive impact on their athletic success and their overall health and wellbeing.