Common Surgical Procedures Performed by Dr. Wilmink


  1. Total Hip Replacement Anterior Approach
  2. Revision Hip Replacement- Anterior and Posterior approaches utilized
  3. Tendon Repair
    1. Hamstring Rupture
    2. Gluteus Medius/Abductor Tears
  4. Fracture Repair
  5. Open Repair of Proximal Hamstring Rupture
  6. Open Treatment of Impingement/CAM Lesions
  7. IT Band Lengthening/Bursectomy


  1. Arthroscopic Repair of Tendon/Ligament/Cartilage Injuries
    1. Meniscus Tears, Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears, Loose Bodies, etc.
  2. Total Knee Replacement
  3. Partial Knee Replacement
  4. Revision Total Knee Replacement
  5. Treatment of Insufficiency Fracture of Knee
  6. Fracture Fixation of Knee/Patella


  1. Arthroscopic or Mini-Open Repair of Tendon/Ligament/Cartilage Injuries
    1. Rotator Cuff, Labrum, Cartilage, Loose Bodies
  2. Fracture Repair of Clavicle, Humerus, and Acromioclavicular joint Injuries
  3. Manipulation of Frozen Shoulder and/or Arthroscopic Release of Shoulder Capsule


  1. Tennis Elbow Reconstruction
  2. Trigger Finger Release
  3. Open Carpal Tunnel Release
  4. Forearm and Elbow Fracture Repair

This is a list of commonly performed surgeries, there are additional surgeries that Dr. Wilmink performs that are not be listed here.

Dr. Wilmink performs surgery with his physician assistant, Adrienne Kelley.  Adrienne is on all the same insurance carries as Dr. Wilmink.