Arm InjuriesArm Injuries and Problems

Arm injuries vary depending on the nature and severity of the injury in question. Minor arm injuries are common among all people, regardless of lifestyle or level of physical activity, and include injuries like basic cuts and bruises. Major injuries like broken bones and torn ligaments are often the result of a physically active lifestyle or injury from a direct blow or fall. Wrists, fingers, forearms, and hands are the most commonly affected areas.

Chances of injury increase for those who exercise frequently, play sports (especially contact sports), or work in environments that require strenuous physical activity. Children are more prone to arm injuries from falling or playing outside due to their typically active behavior, whereas older people typically suffer arm injuries as a result of the weakened bones, muscles, and tendons that accompany old age.

People who lead active lifestyles, like professional athletes or people with particularly intensive exercise regimens, are at higher risk of developing arm problems. Older people are likely to develop muscle-related arm issues, as muscles weaken with age, and children are more likely to suffer arm injuries due to their active and rambunctious nature. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your pain.