AOA Expands Its Practice with New North Phoenix and Chandler Locations

The Valley’s leading orthopedic practice, OrthoArizona – Arizona Orthopaedic Associates, has expanded its orthopedic practice with the addition of a new North Phoenix location and a Chandler location. The new North Phoenix location is located on the Honor Health John C. Lincoln North Mountain campus at 9327 North 3rd St, Suite 300 in Phoenix. The…

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Aging American Population Raises Expectations for Health Services and Surgeries by 2020

With more than 60 million Americans over the age of 55 today and 3.5 million more turning 55 each year, the need for age-related health services and surgeries will increase dramatically by 2020. Bone and joint-related treatments will be at the forefront of that increased need. In the United States, more than 500,000 knee replacements…

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OrthoArizona Arizona Orthopaedic Associates Offers Signature Knee Replacement Surgery

Arizona’s leading orthopedic surgeons at OrthoArizona – Arizona Orthopaedic Associates are now performing the Signature Knee replacement as an alternative to traditional knee replacement procedures. Signature Knee replacement proposes a more accurate procedure, resulting in quicker recoveries and safer, more effective ways to treat patients with knee problems. The Signature Knee replacement provides OrthoArizona –…

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Innovative Knee Replacement Technology is Newest Addition for Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeons

Arizona’s highly respected, board-certified orthopedic surgeons at OrthoArizona – Arizona Orthopaedic Associates (AOA) have now performed the Oxford Knee replacement for more than 300 patients and are encouraged by the results. The Oxford Knee replacement operation focuses only on the problematic areas of the knee, and uses the only fully mobile partial knee replacement system…

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Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeons Offer Advice on Starting a New Exercise Routine

Everything from exercise equipment like treadmills and Stairmasters to exercise videos to gym memberships caution users to consult a physician before starting an exercise regime, especially for those who are new to working out or haven’t worked out in a long period of time. But why is a consultation necessary? First, physical activity and exercise…

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Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeons Report Increased Number of Patients Requesting Anterior Hip Replacements

OrthoArizona – Arizona Orthopaedic Associates (AOA) has witnessed a growth in the number of anterior hip replacement surgeries completed in the past few years, attributing to the procedure’s safety and success. The surgeons at OrthoArizona – Arizona Orthopaedic Associates, Arizona’s group of leading orthopedic surgeons, have been conducting this minimally invasive muscle-sparing surgery since 2007,…

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New Hips, New Man – Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeons Help Valley Man

When Arthur Garcia was born he was diagnosed with a congenital dislocated right hip that, from the first time he began to walk, gave him a bad limp. His mother told him stories of his infant days spent in a children’s hospital, and he recalls the following decades of pain and unsuccessful treatment from body…

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Facts About Anterior Hip Replacements

The Phoenix orthopedic surgeons at OrthoArizona – Arizona Orthopaedic Associates not only have extensive experience with the anterior hip replacement, they introduced the procedure to Arizona in 2007. Today, the Phoenix orthopedic surgeons have performed the operation thousands of times. So what should you know about the anterior hip replacement? Here are some basic facts,…

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Nurse Experiences Rapid Recovery from Hip Fracture with Alternative Hip Replacement Procedure in Arizona

It started as a day like any other and ended in an injury that is among the most frightening for people over 50. Billie Lent, 65, a nurse with more than 40 years experience, was at home with her husband when a sick pet changed the course of her day. “My husband and I were…

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