Arizona Man Completes Cross-Country Bike Ride After Hip Replacement

A Valley man recently completed a 3,400-mile cross country bicycle trip, defying his age with the help of a Phoenix orthopedic surgeon. For years, Scottsdale resident and avid cyclist Bob Mountz, 75, had dreamed of crossing the country on his bike. And for years, Mountz had struggled with arthritis that had been taking a toll…

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Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeons Report Increased Number of Patients Requesting Anterior Hip Replacements

OrthoArizona – Arizona Orthopaedic Associates (AOA) has witnessed a growth in the number of anterior hip replacement surgeries completed in the past few years, attributing to the procedure’s safety and success. The surgeons at OrthoArizona – Arizona Orthopaedic Associates, Arizona’s group of leading orthopedic surgeons, have been conducting this minimally invasive muscle-sparing surgery since 2007,…

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New Hips, New Man – Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeons Help Valley Man

When Arthur Garcia was born he was diagnosed with a congenital dislocated right hip that, from the first time he began to walk, gave him a bad limp. His mother told him stories of his infant days spent in a children’s hospital, and he recalls the following decades of pain and unsuccessful treatment from body…

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