OrthoArizona – Arcadia (AOA) has witnessed a growth in the number of anterior hip replacement surgeries completed in the past few years, attributing to the procedure’s safety and success.

The surgeons at OrthoArizona – Arcadia, Arizona’s group of leading orthopedic surgeons, have been conducting this minimally invasive muscle-sparing surgery since 2007, and they prefer this method over traditional hip replacements.

The anterior hip replacement utilizes a special $100,000, OSI-Pro-FX, or HANA, table that aids OrthoArizona – Arcadia physicians in positioning a patient’s leg so that the surgeons can replace the hip joint without cutting or damaging any muscle, which reduces recovery time and postoperative pain.

Patients walk the same day as the surgery and regain full mobility after 2-8 weeks, instead of the 2-4 months needed for the traditional procedure. Most patients are able to go home one or two days after the surgery.

“I couldn’t have gone on the way I was,” said Sondra Stark, a Scottsdale resident and OrthoArizona – Arizona Orthopedic Associates patient. “I’m an active lady. After these surgeries, I’m active once again.”

David Ott, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at OrthoArizona – Arcadia, believes as patients learn about this method of joint replacement, the numbers of completed surgeries will continue to grow.

“Patients now have options when it comes to joint replacement surgery,” Dr. Ott said. “They learn that this procedure is not only safer and more natural, but will get them back on their feet faster, and that makes this option more appealing, and practical.”

The number of anterior hip replacement procedures performed by OrthoArizona – Arcadia orthopedic surgeons has jumped since 2009, from 450 to more than 2,500. OrthoArizona – Arcadia, is Arizona’s leading group for anterior hip replacements.

Nationally, more than 285,000 total hip replacements are performed each year. According to the New York Times, an informal survey conducted at a convention for knee and hip surgeons determined that although there is no direct number, an estimated 20 percent of hip surgeons are performing the anterior approach to hip replacement throughout the nation.

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